Other plant and Equipment

Works of Diving Hong Kong Co. Limited can provide much by way of plant and equipment: Low Pressure Compressor High Pressure Compressor Hydraulic Tools Pneumatic Tools High Pressure Water Jet Derrick Lighter DGPS Tug Boat Ho Sing 90 KV Generator Underwater Cutting and Welding Equipment Underwater Stills Camera Pictured left is our man-riding cage to Read more about Other plant and Equipment[…]

Decompression Chamber

For deeper diving operations Works of Diving Hong Kong Co., Limited can mobilize its 54” Twin Lock Decompression chamber, made in the United Kingdom. Surface decompression is a technique for completing the diver’s decompression obligation inside an enclosed chamber rather than in the water. Using this method reduces the time the diver spends in the Read more about Decompression Chamber[…]

Surface Supplied Diving Equipment

Surface supplied diving equipment is essential for deeper diving and operations of a more technical nature. Voice communications between the Supervisor and the diver are maintained constantly and made possible by the use of a Diving Communications Intercom (shown right). A low-pressure air compressor generates the diver’s primary air supply, while a secondary supply, in Read more about Surface Supplied Diving Equipment[…]