Other plant and Equipment

Works of Diving Hong Kong Co. Limited can provide much by way of plant and equipment: Low Pressure Compressor High Pressure Compressor Hydraulic Tools Pneumatic Tools High Pressure Water Jet Derrick Lighter DGPS Tug Boat Ho Sing 90 KV Generator Underwater Cutting and Welding Equipment Underwater Stills Camera Pictured left is our man-riding cage to Read more about Other plant and Equipment[…]

Decompression Chamber

For deeper diving operations Works of Diving Hong Kong Co., Limited can mobilize its 54” Twin Lock Decompression chamber, made in the United Kingdom. Surface decompression is a technique for completing the diver’s decompression obligation inside an enclosed chamber rather than in the water. Using this method reduces the time the diver spends in the Read more about Decompression Chamber[…]

Surface Supplied Diving Equipment

Surface supplied diving equipment is essential for deeper diving and operations of a more technical nature. Voice communications between the Supervisor and the diver are maintained constantly and made possible by the use of a Diving Communications Intercom (shown right). A low-pressure air compressor generates the diver’s primary air supply, while a secondary supply, in Read more about Surface Supplied Diving Equipment[…]

Culvert Rehabilitation and Repairs

Works of Diving Hong Kong Co. Ltd. has been involved with numerous culvert and pipeline rehabilitation projects, and has extensive experience in the application of underwater and topside concrete repair using a range of specialized epoxy coatings, epoxy grouts and high strength cementitious grouts to provide a successful long term repair. The company has completed Read more about Culvert Rehabilitation and Repairs[…]

Submarine Drilling and Blasting

Works of Diving Hong Kong Co. Ltd. have carried out numerous submarine drilling and blasting projects and can provide the following services: I. Provision and Supply Provision of Derrick Lighters, Grab, Split Hopper, Heavy Lift, Flat Top, Ro-Ro Barges and Tugboats. Provision of Drill rigs and ancillary equipment Provision of experienced Diving, Drilling and Rigging Read more about Submarine Drilling and Blasting[…]

Pipelines and Culverts

Works of Diving Hong Kong Co. Ltd. provides extensive experience in the preparation and installation of steel and concrete structures and pipelines underwater. Our services include: • Submarine Blasting and Trench Preparation • Pipe Laying • Culvert Installation • Back filling • Diffuser Installation • Pipe and Culvert Maintenance • Pipe and Culvert Repairs • Read more about Pipelines and Culverts[…]

Construction & Demolition

Works of Diving Hong Kong Co. Ltd. is experienced in a wide range of underwater construction and demolition techniques, such as: Underwater Concreting and Grouting Bag works and Mattressing Cutting of Piles and Steel work Underwater Welding Formwork Installation Explosive Bolt Fixing Concrete Cutting and CoringSubmarine Drilling and Blasting