Surface Supplied Diving Equipment

Surface supplied diving equipment is essential for deeper diving and operations of a more technical nature.

Voice communications between the Supervisor and the diver are maintained constantly and made possible by the use of a Diving Communications Intercom (shown right).

A low-pressure air compressor generates the diver’s primary air supply, while a secondary supply, in case of failure of the first, is available from high-pressure cylinders. The diver also wears a ‘bail out’ bottle on his back that can be used should the primary and secondary air supplies fail (shown bottom left).

The divers air is supplied through an umbilical consisting of an air hose, communication cable, pneumofathometer hose (for measuring the diver’s depth) and a strengthening rope (shown bottom right). This is secured to the diver’s harness.

The supervisor monitors the diver’s air supply pressure and his depth by using a control panel (shown left). The basic air panel can accommodate two divers, and while one diver is in the water the other sits in readiness to assist at any time. 

Using surface supplied air, with its multiple back up systems, diving operations can be carried out safely and in a highly controlled environment. Voice communications allows the supervisor to monitor the condition and progress of the diver throughout each underwater operation.

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